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Well hello, I'm


Jacki Tentinger

I'm a stylist living in the heart of Marion. I was born and raised in the country near Rowley, Iowa. I fell completely in LOVE with the creativity and small town feel of this city.

For years I have felt like the salon experience was intimidating. Almost like you had to dress up just to get your hair done.

I decided I wanted to be the stylist who made the salon experience relaxed, fun and easy.

When you join me in the salon, you'll find that the way I approach your consultation will be like no one else has before.

Instead of only leaving the salon looking beautiful, you will have the tools from my instruction to keep it styling till your appointment 6 weeks later.

On the weekend, you can find me sitting around our firepit with my husband dreaming about our future and where we will travel next. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. On the week nights, I will be running from room to room with my Goldendoodles making sure each of our sons' have their homework done.


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